Cancellation close to the arrive,

Hello, my reservation was canceled 8 days before their arrival, I put the option to pay the full amount within 14 days of arrival, however the method of payment is in cash upon arrival at the establishment, so how do I collect that payment?

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Vanna Liapopoulos 4 years ago

Hi. You can't collect the payment. That is why people book the places where you do not have to send a prepayment.

I received a lot of bookings when I had no prepayment sent. I knew most of those people would not show up and I could not cancel the reservation until the end of check in date. 

You have to ask for a prepayment, give them a 12 or 24 hour period to pay it and if not you can cancel them. This is the way not to receive those bookings that people book so they can get a visa.