Cancellation emails over 2 weeks late

Today, November 17th, I received 2 emails about 2 different reservations being cancelled.  The arrival dates for both room was on November 2nd.  Had we known these would be cancelled, we could have removed them from our system.  This happens frequently.  The number 1 booking site for declined credit cards on date of arrival is Booking.com.  Soon this frustration will get to me and we will begin cancelling these declined bookings regularly and lead them to speak with Booking.com.

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Richard Espino… 6 years ago

Hi Patrick, my hotels have a policy that we require a first-night deposit a time of reservation or full payment if the reservations are nonrefundable, this allows us to identify if a credit card is good or not immediately. If the credit declines, we immediately.notify the guest and mark the credit card invalid, we then give them 48 hrs to send us a new credit card or we cancel the reservation. See if this will work for you.