if I get a cancellation do booking.com reopen up the dates cancelled or do I have to do this myself. ? .
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Madalin Pop 6 years ago

Booking will reopen the dates for you.

Info 6 years ago


We have an increasingly frustrating issue, that is getting worse on a daily basis. Our concern is that booking.com agents book reservations--in which we are not responsible for modifying, or canceling, your reservations; and we direct mutual guests to contact you for any of those changes.

You have no problem booking the reservations, but there seems to be a problem with booking.com canceling reservations--causing the hotel to lose revenue; causing us to believe we are sold out--only to find that up to 6-8 reservations scheduled for arrival--were cancelled with booking.com, within the terms of our cancellation policy--allowing all fees to be waived. However, booking.com fails to cancel the reservation in the system. You must follow through with the process, and it is your responsibility to provide quality customer service and to ensure that all requests from mutual guests' are handled appropriately, and in a timely fashion--even if it's a request that has no commissionable benefit to booking.com. We are asking that booking.com, complete reservation requests made by guests immediately, and that all aspects of any reservation be completed timely; so as to avoid the Hotel losing any more revenue.

We are informing that should any other cancellation request fails to be completed after proper notification has been given to booking.com with regard to a guests desire or need to cancel a reservation, or change or modify their reservation, and this failure causes the Hotel to lose the ability to collect revenue that is due them; we will be invoicing booking.com directly of such charges due. We will take every measure possible to collect such charges.

Please do your jobs, and follow through.

Thank you,
Front Desk Manager

Stephania Buhagiar 6 years ago

I am a host and need to cancel a booking due to some maintenance. I'm trying to contact the guest but they are not answering. Is there a way how I can cancel the reservation?