Cancellations due to coronavirus

Help.. Located in the Scottish highlands we have a lot of bookings for April and May 2020. Due to the current world issues along with local issues we find ourselves under great pressure from our neighbours and fellow locals in the village to close our business for the next few months. The uk government have closed all restaurants, pubs and caffe's ect and have reiterated that people should not travel around the country for non essential reasons.

Having communicated with B.Com partner help they/you politely advised us unless the UK government close the country down? cancellations of any bookings instigated by us will still incur Commision charges and relocation fees if the guests affected still wish to travel.

As a very small business taking the decision to close the business for two months and loos the bookings will like many others put our business in finical jeopardy, and to then Incur further costs from B.com would be the final nail in the coffin lid. 

Yet we are being told/advised? that all customers Moines should be refunded in full? if they request a cancellations.

As all monies from bookings are handled by B.com and paid to us on the 15th of the following month based on check out date, and therefor having complete control over our finances. This month, March is our first month of the season which we have opened for the year and rely 100% on receiving payment for this on April the 15th, If we make the final decision to close and B.com automatically extract the Commision and relocation fees from our first business then as a business we are finished.

As a husband and wife team running the business on a daly basis we are also putting ourselves at a greater risk with regard to our own health. Our accommodation has to be cleaned and made ready for guests on a daly basis, yes we can limit our social distances when meeting and greeting guests but the next few month bookings increases our risk and we have to trust guests to be honest with us with regard to their own health?

I fully understand that B.Com is also running a business and also has to keep the business afloat, but I hope they/you fully understand when I say we as property owners have to meet and accommodate many numbers of different people each day, B.com staff work with the same people on a day to day basis and therefor lower risk than us your partners? B.Com statement under partner help re 'looking after guests and partners is our main concern' ect.. or words to that effect to us appear to be more biased towards guests?

Guest are advised always to take out travel insurance yet B.com wants all business to refund all monies if guests cancel due to the ongoing criss, at what point should Insurance companies start taking a part in this criss.

Advice/help and comments would be greatly appreciated.


Phil & Sue Wheelhouse 

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Coshieville 3 years ago

Dear Phil & Sue

My wife & I are in exactly the same situation as yourselves. We run a 7 bed guest house near Aberfeldy in Highland Perthshire.

We have been appauled but not suprised by the attitude of B.com in their attitude towards their partners. Let's not kid ourselves - this is all about money. While we are bracing ourselves for barren year with the real threat to our existence, B.com still refuse to do the decent thing by providing a clear supportive statement allowing us to cancel all bookings without any consequences. Shame on their CEO!!

We have cleared our diary up to the end of April and are now looking to do the same for May & June. We will send a message to all guests still booked for May & June to request they cancel their bookings. So far guests we asked to cancel complied with our request and totally understood to situation. 

I wish you both all the best in these very difficult times,

Ian & Kathy James

Hill cottage cabins 3 years ago

Dear Ian 

Thank you so much for responding We realised that there will be more like us and your words are greatly appreciated. With the statement today from the Scottish government I feel now that B.com will have to start backing us I hope? 
Like you we have already started reaching out to guests giving them the options to reschedule or cancel and advising them that B,com will return all monies. If all of the accommodation suppliers in Scotland abide by the ruling of today then B.com will not be able to relocate them and therefor unable to charge us additional relocation costs, I hope ? 
That leaves the Commision charged and I’am concerned that they will still take this out of the monies that they will owe us on the 15th of April for this months bookings. I’am also concerned if we will get paid at all due to the crisis based on how safe B,com is financially. Again thank you for your reply please feel free to keep in touch best wishes to you both and good luck in the coming months. 
Phil & Sue hill cottage cabins Fort Augustus