Change order of rooms

Is it possible to change the order that rooms are shown?   I want to show most expensive first, not the cheapest.  Here's hoping.

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Ginascott57 5 years ago

Apparently this is mot possible. BDC has a specific policy and format on this issue.

Asad C 5 years ago

Unlikely. I tried to standardise the naming convention of my rooms, and BDC told me they have a strict policy about making such changes once your property is listed.

Solhov 2 years ago

Is there an update for this situation ?

In our case the less interessting rooms are displayed first, and the one people are most likely to book are at the end of the listing :/

Nicolas Lajambe 2 years ago

Would booking.com has an answer to this question? I couldn't find any information on Partner website. Can an hotel set order of rooms displayed on their page on booking or is booking.com choosing the order of rooms displayed?

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Janita - Accou… 2 years ago

Hi Nicolas, 

Thank you for reaching out. The property is not able to select the order in which the rooms are displayed, they will show the cheapest room first.