City Of Culture

Last year we were City Of Culture 2017 and there was to be a huge shortage of beds in Kingston Upon Hull ( Hull ).

The local council told Hull Residents that there would not be enough bed spaces in the city so suggested what was popular in other cities AirBnb. A New hotel was being built but would not be ready in time.

Everyone got on board, pubs with rooms, apartments, AirBnb, grannies parlour, kids rooms, even the dogs kennel was rented out. NOW there are approx. 126 places in Hull. For the last 8-10 years there was 26.

A big difference, so now all our prices have hit rock bottom as in Pre War.

Some will fall by the wayside but the rest cannot survive in the present climate, but guess what, Hull has a new arena not 20'000 seats like most other cities but 3'500 seats. We do hope this Arena brings in a lot of outside customers who need at least overnight accommodation.The list of acts is promising but they need to get  James Arthur to come to Hull and although I am  a woman of a certain age I travel all over the Uk to see that lovely guy.  But never mind that, we do hope Hull is on the up for lots of other reasons as well. There are great opportunities and investment coming and new links in the offing.

September is a good month for students arriving for Hull University so we are all ok for a few weeks. 

I am not going to fight to keep my top spot in all this competition, i've done my bit, 26 years being here 24/7 and looking after my guests. Even on holiday in another country I am on permanent transfer to take calls. I would now rather be free to spread my wings and enjoy my life in the sun with my hubby.

So keep Cooking, or is it Dancing.

Kind Regards Janet Langton