cleaning day

I'm a Newbie,

Must be an option to automatically get one or two days gap between two bookings

e.g  guest1  book 1-5 Jan, automatically 6 Jan will not be bookable since 

we need at least one day for cleaning etc

guest2 will be able to book 7Jan ->

can't find any solution in FAQ


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fluff 4 years ago

AFAIK there is no such facility. You simply the block the check out day of each booking as you receive them.

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

As fluff said unfortunatelly there is no such feature.

Since my Studio is too big and cleaning is not possible to be done in just a few minutes I would like to have this capability. I send my request through my inbox and BDC immediately advised me the following:

"I understand your property would like to have an automatic closed on arrival restriction set for the departure date of new bookings. At this time our system does not have the capability to support this request.

We would like to consider this request as constructive feedback and hope we will be able to offer something similar in the future.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion."

Maybe partners that need this feature should send feedback to BDC. The more we ask the better results.

Keep well...