I will like to get Information on tips/ Methods to use to get our villa booked more often.

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago


Find a channel manager in your area (may pay to do research for your country as to who is best and most affordable)

Find OTA's you like and list with them.

I only have a few plus channel manager, but all really depends on how many apartments/beds you have to offer, and where your location is and in the end / the amount of staff you have, how busy you want to be.

Find for example a place that you really like (choose from a site you prefer) and see if you can find that same property under the same name with a different OTA.

then you will see how the same property is advertised differently every time.

I had one set up under the umbrella of a channel manager, and really didn't like the OTA how they worked. So I deleted it again. It is a matter of trial and error.

Give yourself some time and step in ...and voila...you will be busy as!

Wishing you a great season.


Aaltje B.