Commission for booking

I joined booking com but find it difficult to contact them. 

Now they have sent invoice for commission for the guest who didn't check in due to complete lock down due to Corona. 

I had sent them message at support@booking.com but seems they don't care. 



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Sharonpowney 4 years ago

When the guest didn't check in did you mark them as a 'No show'.? This is how you tell booking.com of this situation and then you automatically don't get charged commission.

Lala Panzi 4 years ago

We had the same. Every competent OTA knows about Corona, and which countries are locked etc. Some help actively, Booking.com not.  They hope that the small businesses don't act so they can cash in. How different is AirBnB:

"Here are some actions we are taking to help you navigate the crisis.

We will pay $250 million to hosts to help cover the cost of COVID-19 cancellations.
When a guest cancels an accommodation reservation due to a COVID-19 related circumstance, with a check-in between March 14 and May 31, we will pay you 25% of what you would normally receive through your cancellation policy. This applies retroactively to all COVID-19 related cancellations during this period. This cost will be covered entirely by Airbnb. These payments will begin to be issued in April. Guests with reservations booked on or before March 14 will still be able to cancel and receive a standard refund or travel credit equivalent for 100% of what they paid. You can go to airbnb.com/250Msupport for more details.

We are creating a $10 million Superhost Relief Fund.
This is designed for Superhosts who rent out their own home and need help paying their rent or mortgage, plus long-tenured Experience hosts trying to make ends meet. Our employees started this fund with $1 million in donations out of their own pockets, and Joe, Nate and I are personally contributing the remaining $9 million. Starting in April, hosts can apply for grants for up to $5,000 that don't need to be paid back. You can go to airbnb.com/superhostrelief for more details."

If booking.com would do something similar, they could talk about "Partners". Currently they should use prey


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jaybeegee 4 years ago

hi and sorry to hear about your invoicing issue.

best way to contact the finance dept directly is via the extranet/admin portal inbox or on the phone and you will find the telephone numbers in the footer below on this webpage (partner help > contact us). This way your email/call is logged rather than an email directly to the support mailbox.