Connecting bookings.com reviews to trip adviser

Please could someone tell me how I connect my property reviews from Bookings.com to Trip Advisor.  I have a trip advisor account and have a few reviews but want to combine my reviews from bookings.com.  Thanks Julia 


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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

The reviews systems on each OTA are completely separate. Any reviews on AirBnB must be from guests who booked through AirBnB. Any reviews on Booking.com must be from guests who booked through Booking.com. But TripAdvisor allows you to collect reviews from anyone.


Log in to your TripAdvisor account and go to Reviews. You will see a tab for Collect Reviews. Simply enter the email addresses of anyone who might post a review and send the message. If you collect the email addresses for guests who booked through Booking.com, you could use those.