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Coronavirus Update March 27, 2020

Hi everyone,

On Thursday March 26th,  we sent you an email outlining our commitment to helping partners such as yourselves navigate this difficult period. You can also find this via the following link.

As for the Community team, we are continuing to work with our colleagues to answer the questions you are sharing here and we will update you as more information becomes available. 

For the most recent news and up-to-date FAQs, please regularly check the Partner Hub.

Thank you for your continued support. 

-Brooke and the Community Team 

BrookAve 4 years ago

Morning Brooke


As of this morning the period March 19th - March 26th should be processing all check outs for that period.


Normally when we click on that period line in the Extranet > finance > Invoices view, it will expand to show the related reservations.


FYI: I should have 2 valid for payout and instead it shows 'No activity this period'.


To be clear there is and was two reservations that count as activity.


One of them rturned up fine and left fine.

The second I had agreed terms with after the no show, and marked it as a no show 1-2 days after check in date.


Both had check out dates with in the period mentioned yet neither appear.


I have sent Booking Message > Reservation > Payment type for each one.



Riad SHIRAZ 4 years ago

In an e-mail received from BOOKING on the new measures taken because of Covid-19.
I read: "our GCP allow customers to cancel or postpone their stays".
However, I received a request for postponement from customers.
They wish to come in September, but they inform me that on BOOKING, no available dates appear in September whereas I still have some dates available.

So it seems that BOOKING does not propose any postponement.

I have informed BOOKING of this and have received no response.

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BrookAve 4 years ago

Instead handle it directly with them and block out the dates agreed.


Then original booking gets paid out to you after original check out date



Ireland-B&B 4 years ago

Hi Brooke...hello everyone :)

Hope your all keeping well during this virus.

Brooke...if your up dating the web site about the virus and countries, Ireland is on lock down since Friday 27th March until midnight Sunday 19th April, and my cousin in Marbella Spain tell's me to night that they (Spain) are in complete lock down from Monday 30th March for 2 weeks, she didnt say a date but I'm assuming Sunday 12th April.

Hope that helps :)

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Marita 4 years ago


Hope everyone stay safe and healthy!

I got this email today:

Please remember, if you had any guests stay with you in the month of March 2020 you have until 5PM EST on the 5th of April to complete the reconciliation process via the Reservations tab. Changes will not be possible for March departures after that time as the invoice will begin generating.

So, what is that means?  We need to do what,  to cancel past reservation , so we can refund money ? 

Question to Booking.com:  How Booking.com will support the Partners who hurted the most?  Are we will get some kind of reimbursements for the cancellations? Airbnb  is paying to

hosts 25% for all cancelled reservations.  What about you? Will you pay us something?

Thanks, M


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Marck 4 years ago

One of your competitors, AIRBNB, has created two different economic assistance funds to help the Host to cover the costs of cancellations due to the COVID-19, these are concrete and useful actions!

Your post, promulgated as an "an important message for our partners", is nothing but marketing operation to convince travelers to book again, monitor and update the COVID19 situation, sincerely it seems to me complete useless.

I expect that, because the tenor of your past revenues (please remember that Booking.com have recently made a unilateral modification of the terms of affiliation by applying a greater percentage), you will be convinced that it will be absolutely necessary to support the Hosts that have due to force majeure lost their entire income, in a concretely way.

I am sure you can understand that the situation is serious for everyone.
  a simple Host

take care about you!

Ireland-B&B 4 years ago

Hi Brooke & B.com

Due to COVID-19 we have had to close our business as per our Governments rule (lock down) and we are not allowed to go far when we are allowed out.

Question...with regards to our rating score, can you b.com do something to freeze it so it wont go down during the country ''lock down'' ?

''Stay home, stay safe, wash your hands don't touch your face.''


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Le Balcon des Jasses 3 years ago

Hand sanitizer, in all rooms, and an entrance. gloves, slippers, extra cower in bedding and on the mattress, mask, and person protections to our self.

Normal our breakfast is a Buffet, it will be lots more work, and expensive to make breakfast for one and one. Attestation in every guest room is disinfected.

We charge cleaning/disinfection fee 4€ per person per night..

What will you do? Im happy to get a response. At the moment we are not allowed to open, but I have booking from 15. Mai.

Hi from Lucy

Le Belcon des Jassses. FranceDisinfected slippers


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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Dear Lucy,

Thanks for posting your ideas...slippers look great!!!

Traveling is not very safe anymore and people are afraid to make plans for their summer vacations.

All of our beautiful islands have no cases of the virus but are banned to protect the citizens.  They are getting ready when the borders open to welcome tourists ...but what happens if people come and bring with them the virus...another disaster!!!!

Some are seriously thinking not to reopen and start thinking of 2021...

Sad very sad...

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Le Balcon des Jasses 3 years ago

Dear Adamopoulou, Thanks. I have visitors next week, booking from 2019, I'm finished the guest room, next week I just need to make Croissant and bread for breakfast.

But, you are right, the worst can happen if people bring a virus?

Maybe we just lost 2020, But I still have many bookings, even many cancels. 

There will be some bookings, to no show-up, forgot cancel, but how to do? If no show, I get paid 100%.

I'm nervous, but I feel ready, and good support from hubby.

I will let you know

Hi from Lucy


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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Dear Lucy,

Wish you all the best for  reopening...

Your Guests will love your croissants...

Stay cool, happy and positive...

Kisses and hugs only from a distance!!!