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Couples posting reviews as solo travellers

I'm a new parter so haven't had many reviews yet. But already, most reviewers have listed themselves as "solo travellers" when in fact they've been couples or even families of three. I wouldn't mind that, but when they complain about £90 or £100 being expensive, it gives readers the wrong idea if readers are led to believe that my guests have been charged that rate for a single person. That would indeed be expensive for a single-occupancy rate, but £90 for two people, or  £100 for three people, which includes a high-quality and copious cooked English breakfast, is really not such a bad deal. Is there something in the interface that defaults to "solo", which reviewers accidentally fail to alter? A reviewer's comments is usually triggered by an email link. This presumably refers back to their booking details, so surely it should be possible for the room occupancy to be filled in automatically. Has anyone else experienced this flaw in the system?

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Thuild - Your … 5 years ago

Dear Corinne Orde,

It's a bug and not a significant one, that's why it's taking so long to fix.

Don't worry much about this, it really doesn't give the mentioned impression for guests as they can clearly see the pricing in the website.

Best of luck,

Zsolt -

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi Corinne,

I think Zsolt is right in pointing out that the prices on the website is very clear.

It might actually now look like you reduced it because of the review, who knows! Remember you can reply on the reviews, and the potencial guests can read it. So make sure to mention in the review that splitting the bill makes the price much less.

Good luck!

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Corinne Orde 5 years ago

Yes of course, I reply to all my reviews. It's great that we can respond!