COVID-19 Property concellation


I'm sure this question has been asked and answered but as of now i've been unable to find an answer.

My question is as follows

If, due to the government's track and trace, we have to self isolate for 14 days and shut down our B&B what do Booking.com require me to with regards to cancelling guests for that period of time? 

1. Can we inform the guest of our situation and then either offer them new dates post 14 days quarantine


2. Can we cancel them with no retribution (We don't take deposits so no issue refunding etc)?


3. Are we liable to find them alternative accommodation for the dates they require? or let booking.com do that for us and we're billed the difference in cost?


Look forward to reading your replies.


Many Thanks


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi David -  The Old Mill Bed and Breakfast


Like you said there are 14 days restrictions, and in some cases only for essential workers.

THis simplest solution is to cancel by: 


  1. Inform the guest there dates will not be available due to the COVID 19 and in country restrictions.
  2. That a full refund of any prepaid rate via Payments By Booking.com, will be refunded once they click on the next email from the system .
  3. Now click on Request to cancel and choose option 2.
  4. The guest will get a second email requesting them to accept the cancellation and then the refund process will start.


I usually offer 3 things and default to number 3.

  1. Credit for same number of nights for use up to and include Date X. Cavet is they must book directly with me.
  2. This options the guest should new dates after a point in time  ,say September 1st
  3. Offer full refund , once they click agree to cancel.


There is always the possibility I noticed that a guest maybe unable to see email, due to their own current situation, so if after say 3 days no response then inform Boking Support Team to do it for you.


You have done your due diligence and guest has not replied in 36 hours.

Kind Regards