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Does consider us a business partner indeed or dictating its rules and policies only?

Facing problems with, we need to escalate the case to them and let them see their policies are wrong, you and me can do this if they see that it's a general request not individual one, send them the below requirements in a message to save your properties, I already did :

1- Reservation must be through a request to be confirmed from the host within 24 hours. Not immediate confirmation, listings aren't hotels, it's private properties!!

2- Enable charge back and damage refund for 7 days after guest check out. You have no protection for the hosts regardless the weak and useless cash deposit policy!

3- Enable deposit collection by booking not in cash and you manage the payment to the host upon presenting damage proof.

4- Teach customer service not tell a host that a booking can't be cancelled, this is a wrong policy.

5 - Hosts must have the option to view the guests profile picture IDs.

6- Hosts must be able to rate and review the guests as guests have the option to rate and review the hosts