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Double booking

HI everyone,

Last night the computer system double booked two different people for the same dates.  I am ringing them but they do not seem to understand the problem and have now written saying I will be charged if I cannot accommodate the second guest.

What do I do now?

BrookAve 1 year ago

Ask the second guest to cancel as you are already booked


Then click Request Cancellation,  choose 2nd option , now wait for them to action the request 

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Janefryer 1 year ago

Thanks BrookAve,

I have finally found out that when a guest cancelled an 8 night booking, there was a blip in the bdc system that duplicated my accommodation during the cancelled period.  Thus two x 4 night bookings came in from 4 different people.    Bdc have now sorted it and cancelled the "doubles" and checked that my accommodation is now only showing as one and not two.

I did not know that I could request a cancellation from a guest by pushing a button.   I shall bear this in mind should it ever happen again.   I do not use any other platform so any double bookings would be purely down to bdc.


Thanks for your response