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Early Bird discount


We normally use the Early bird 5% discount on booking dates 60 days in advantage. (So  today is 1st. March and we will offer Early Bird discount from 1st. May and onwards. In my documentation it says that the room cannot be cancelled or refunded if cancelled. And we will get the full amount in case nobody else book for those days.

Is this correct understood?

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BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Poul,


Just to summarise what I took from that:


  • Active Promotion -Any booking made 60+ days in advance gets 5% discount, targeting Everyone.
  • There are no blocked dates for the promotion
  • Promotion applies to all rooms and all rates
  •  Cancelation Policy  : All cancelations within the 60days prior to arrival are strictly non refundable.

Based on what was not said also, you are using a prepay method such as Payments by Booking right?


As your partner profile is missing the URL link to your listing we cannot see what is setup, so please take the time to link it and let me know so I and others can advise better.


For a how-to, simply click on my name and see the articles I have wrote including a how-to lnk property. :)



Kind Regards




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Poul Dalgaard 3 years ago

Hi Barry,

Thank you so much. Impressive how much knowledge you got on these matters. I let handle all paymens.

Kind regards


Poul. (now WITH url)