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email...'Your availability has changed in the last 24 hours'...

I've recently started receiving emails from BDC advising me that my availability has changed in the last 24 hours...

I know it's changed because I've received new booking notifications from BDC or have manually changed the availability because of a telephone booking...

Being in a popular holiday location I get bookings or amendments through multiple times daily, I don't need to be told this...

Is there anyway to unsubscribe / stop getting these emails as quite frankly they serve no purpose to me other than fill my in-box up.

Any advice is welcome..

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pibomarco 6 years ago

Just press *delete* or contact support via extranet if it is possible to disable that. It can not be done manually.

monet208 6 years ago

No point in contacting BC if it is built into the system as some things are set in stone- check out other things owners have asked for in the Forum !

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Angela @Promhills 6 years ago

I agree - this email drives me nuts. It is not necassary but if I tell my inbox that it's junk, it also junks booking emails from them.