Extranet Webpage Technical Issue

Dear Partner,

Guest Messages's counter on extranet webpage still showing notification for unanswered messages when the fact is all messages are answered. Advise and assistance are needed 


Reservation Department


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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

You could report it by sending a message to Booking.com support from your extranet, but Booking.com support are not interested in offering technical support and seem to deny any problems exist with the extranet .....

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fluff 4 years ago

There are many problems with extranet messaging at the moment, all reported but no answers forthcoming.

1) Some BDC messages cannot be replied to, the new subject box ( for a reply, why, rediculous) oftentimes will show a "no-entry" logo error, then you cannot reply at all. Why introduce new broken features when the basics are still broken?


2) Cannot attach any files at all, difficult when trying to show other faults to the support team.

Extranet is becoming more buggy rather than less so, come on tech-team, get jiggy with it!

Still no BDC messaging possible via Pulse, that's a major omission.

Q Hotel 4 years ago

Thanks to all for advice

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Bugs...bugs...bugs... still too many bugs. 

My guest messages also show that I have messages to answer????

Cannot upload images....

I did send a message request to BDC to fix bugs... They are trying they informed me...so we just have to wait a little longer....

The more we send feedback the more they will understand that there is a real problem they have to solve as soon as possible.

Take care all...