We've joined the Genius Program based and decided to add another room (1 of our 4 Deluxe Rooms) to this program by offering a 15%discount to genius guests. 

Just after doing this, we received a 4 nights booking on 2 x Deluxe Rooms. The problem is that the guest now receives the 15%discount on both rooms while ONLY 1 Deluxe Room was selected to form part of the Genius Program. 

According to several Booking.com staff that is how it is and we have to accept that. We differ in total and don't accept it. How can a discount applicable to only 1 specific room being applied to other rooms which do not form part of the genius Program 

It is clear that Booking.com is unable to acknowledge the error on their side and to accept responsibility with corrective action. 

This is unethical!! 

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AG Lodging 5 years ago

Whatever the reason is, do not tell the guests that something is wrong and ask them to pay more. Their satisfaction is much more worthwhile than several $€Ł more. Just let them stay at discounted price, get a good review, and then, you can turn it off.

Laslett777 5 years ago

I want to keep my prices as low as possible but then I get a GENIUS guest booking and they get a $15 discount that I can't really afford to offer. I don't want to raise my prices for everyone else. Do you think it's a negative thing to stop offering the genius discount?