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Geo-targeting and Price Performance

Dear Partners,

I am having difficulty understanding two parts of the Extranet.
Geo-targeting seems like a very useful option and I want to explore it as much as possible. However, it seems to be only limited to genius members and also not active? Is it not accessible yet? I keep getting brought to a page with no options, despite the Opportunity Center saying specifically we can target via country.

Opportunity Center

Another headache is the Price Performance. This I feel that we have very little control over as there are many outside factors that influence it. I have been setting discounts on our channel manager so the prices should be discounted across the same amount for all properties. However, in reality when displayed on Google or Trip Advisor certain OTA's appear significantly cheaper than, especially Agoda. I am not sure if they are just further reducing the prices without telling us. In some cases the difference can be up to 10-15% cheaper than Also we have many types of room for singles up to 5 people. Some OTA's like Hostelworld display different room types while others display bigger rooms, which obviously cost more.

I don't expect a clear cut answer but I am curious to know if there are a few concrete steps we can fix these problems so that our price performance does better as we do get more sales from compared to other OTAs.

Thank you for you time!


Mosaic Hostel Kyoto & Mosaic Machiya Kamishichiken Team

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pibomarco 5 years ago

Can't help you with the first question, because I don't see this feature in my extranet.

Regarding the second question.. I noticed (usually with expedia), that the prices shown in google or tripadvisor appeared lower. So after I continued with booking on their site, the rate then increased. As far as I know Agoda is partnered with Expedia, so basicly the rates should go through the same chanel and should be the same (at the check-out).

I also think it does not play a major role.. Most of guest already use their preffered platform. And If you are using chanel manager with fixed rates the base rate should be the same. (excluding discounted programs such as Genious etc..). I found this price comparisment welcoming if you have your own website with booking engine that supports integration with google, where you could receive bookings directly and offering lower rates then OTA's.

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Aiboutiquehotel 4 years ago

I am also trying to solve this problem. I am using cloudbeds as my channel manager still the rate are 10-15% different in other sites.