This is Sam from Quality Inn Salisbury MD  to inform you and upcoming reservation for any guest

from 4/1/2020 lobby will be close from 10 Pm to 6 Am so guest have check in 10 Pm


Thank you


BrookAve 3 years ago



Hi Sam,


It is imporant to understand , postings like this will not trigger any actions to be done by BdC on your behalf.


Only you using , Extranet and or pulse app can make changes.


This is only the partner comunity , and not a direct line to BdC : Support , Finance nor management.


Also potential and future booked guests will never see it either.


Next steps:


1. message all future guests of this check-in info.

2. update your message templates for auto response for check-in info.

3. add a photo of lobby with text saying same.



Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well