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Guest mistake on booking but my problem

Ok I have a couple of rooms that I have different price variants on depending on occupancy.

One of these I market as a small double (for a couple of pounds less than my standard double rate) or a large single (which I price up a couple of pounds more than my standard single rate.)

I recently had a guest who had booked the room as a single for two weekend nights for £70.

He turned up with his wife. (!)

I showed him the booking was made for one person and to make him feel less embarrassed said it does happen.

He has now slated me in a review saying he had to stump up an extra £70 etc.....blah blah.....

But it was his mistake!!

So how can I get round this? Did he really think I'd be charging £17.50 each per night? Front line beach, with a car-park B&B?

I've got the same 3 person room has been booked online for single occupancy but on just messaging the guest to get an arrival time from him said ...'we will be arriving.....' 

Why when it's their mistake (They just click the cheapest option) do we get penalised by the reviews they leave?


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Blagoje Acho 6 years ago

Did you try to contact about review? What did they say to you?

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Sonstbbs 6 years ago

I've written to them about the issue but have yet to get a reply.

At the end of the day the couple are stood there in my establishment waiting for their room.

It's very awkward.

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Jkangarloo 6 years ago

Unfortunately the BDC review system doesn't leave you much recourse. Incidentally, I had a very similar issue just this week. Someone booked our 'Small Double' room, for two guests. They showed up with a family of FOUR, and then left a review saying we changed their room without telling them and that they booked a room with two double beds. We don't even have a room with two double beds to book!

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Sonstbbs 6 years ago

It's frustrating isn't it Jkangarloo?

I have however had a bit of comeback from BDC...they rang me at 10.15 last night (was just nodding off!) and the long & short of it is

a) For the guest that left the negative review even though it was their fault: BDC looked at how my rooms are listed from the front end and it's obvious that booking variants are available and guest booked the cheapest option & tried to blag it. It wouldn't automatically be allowed for a removal of a review as it wasn't slanderous, racist or rude but because it was obv the guests mistake the lady I spoke to has put it forward to the review team for it to be taken down.

b) for the guest that had again booked a single occupancy when in fact there are two of them BDC sent him an email explaining his mistake and advising him of the new price for two and also told him it was a 'no breakfast' booking. Gentleman was very gracious on arrival and they have booked and paid for breakfast on it's a winner!!

Pleased with how BDC handled the situation and took the lead to rectify the mistake made by the guest.

monet208 6 years ago

If you get the bad review removed please tell us all as there are many of us in your situation not getting similar reviews removed

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Finca Alexandría 5 years ago

We had a similar problem. Client booked budget room. He showed up and says he booked a complete appartment. After some contacts with Booking we found out that Booking wrongly promised him an appartment in the Booking confirmation. A week later we are still waiting for a solution for the conflict caused by Booking. The angry review of the client is causing damage. Booking is not in a hurry to take responsibility for its mistake.