Sergei - Community Manager

Guests combining business and leisure?

Hi everyone,

With many offices closed, people are looking to take longer trips that combine business and leisure. 

In a recent survey, we found over a third of travellers have already considered booking a property so they could work from a different destination. 

The possibility of combining work with exploring a new place or spending more time with family and friends is a big draw for many professionals. 

What are you doing to accommodate these guests in your properties? 

Need some ideas? 


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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Thanks Sergei, for ideas shared....

In these difficult days we are faced with....further ideas are mostly helpful.

Providing as many amenities and facilities as possible are highly appreciated by guests.

Our Studio is in a remote place with a spectacular view to sea and mountains so guests can work in a peace of mind...combining business very easily with leisure...

We must stay safe even when in holidays...