Have you ever visited Rwanda??

23 years ago, Rwanda was very dark filled with blood and bodies after massive killings of 1994 Genocide!
Now, when you come in the country, you are welcomed by beautiful people, buildings, nature, cleanliness , businesses and many other wonderful things that make you say like" I am relocating to Rwanda ""
The best thing I like about Rwanda is how easy it is to start a business in Rwanda and how it is very comfortable to stay with full security and many wonders to visit such as lions in the National Park, Gorillas, monkeys and many mountains to hike in.

Accommodation is very cheap and easy to book especially when you pass through me! I arrange trips from visas, transport, accommodation, and safaris.

Welcome to Rwanda

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Laura, Communi… 5 years ago

Hi Turidani05, welcome to the forum! It's great to hear how easy it was to start a business. Maybe you could check out our Just Joined topic and share your advice to partners just starting out :)