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Have you welcomed your first guests yet?

Hi everyone,

As more and more guests begin to travel again, and we start to emerge from these challenging times partners like you want to hear what your experience has been like welcoming guests back to your property. 

How did you prepare? How have your operations changed? What was the experience like? Share tips for your fellow partners in the comments below. 

Looking forward to hearing your advice, 

Sergei and the Community Team  


BrookAve 3 years ago


  • How did you prepare?

    ...Google Search to learn what others doing and also in other countries.

    ...Revised Amazon Subscribe & Save Supplies to the door, scheduled.

  • How have your operations changed?

    ...For a HomeStay, its meant no longer stocking fridge, and just let them do Self-Catering, so on one hand less expenses..

    ....On the other its meant more frequent cleaning...and most visits by my 3rd party cleaner too.

    ...Adding Signage to remind people to clean up after themselves in kitchen; wash hands etc.

    ...Scheduled grocery delivery services.

  • What was the experience like?

    in most cases rarely saw each other.

    ...those working remotely simply rarely left room.

    ...With so many delivery services for cooked food and groceries, and a few walking distance shops, very little need to leave.

    ...Cabin Fever by some, and the ripple effect on others, and lack of cleaning by the guest. Many reminders to them to remember they are not alone in the house and must cleanup after themselves.  [self catering]

  • Any Tips?
    ...Start charging a nominal fee for cleaning, i never did but i do now. But only as a contribution cost towards the actual cost. Dont be greedy trying to pass it all to the guest.

    ...Reiterate the conditions and what services like WiFi are so as to manage realistic expectations.

    ...People are fundamentally lazy when they are away from home...even more so.

    Dont be afraid to call them out when they misuse, abuse, ignore process, procedure &signs etc



Kind Regards


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Stayinborgafjäll 3 years ago

For us having the vacation home in a remote mountain, almost no people that can be the staff, this is really really jard. 

Before guests cleaned themselves, now we try to add cleaning but it costs the same as one night for us. Most guests books one night.

How to deal with this? 

Am trying to explain, and most times it has worked well, I have lots of cleaning tools for the guests. 


They are bringing their own towels and sheets. 

I am trying to see what others in near by lr same village are dling and mentinioing but nothing.


Instead welcoming some guests with more personal info, and giving chocolate, in tge local store not ecen any alcogel to by for us to out there. 


We have  400 km one way to our place.. 

/regards Linéa 

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi Linea,

Your remote home is beautiful....

My home is also in a remote location in the country.

I have a min of 2 nights because for 1 night it’s too much of work...not worth it...

Every time my husband has to drive 40 klm to bring the cleaning lady....

If your guests clean themselves and you have no problems stick to it....


Chocolate and sweets are delicious ? 

Wish you a great season...

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Le Balcon des Jasses 3 years ago

Hi, I been almost fully booked from the beginning of June, and now July is full booked. It is not the same anymore, sorry to say. 

More complicated, people are a worry, how to arrive, even we try to keep calm.

We have prepared extra disinfections, not touch anything, the bedding needs 90 degrees washing. Kitchen, dinner, serving, glows, mask, and (more dropping on the floor) ..

We try hard, not the same nice contact to people, no French "kiss" anymore.

We have only French visitors, only one international booking, in September, 

When arriving, Body temperature, sanitizer hand, and we offer a mask and flowers, but we do not force to use.

We do it, we try hard, We charge 4€ per. person, for disinfection.

I have a Wish, Better support from Booking.com looks like its only about giving a discount to get people to book. Better to givewelcome guest positive input.


3 years ago

Hey BrookAveLe Balcon des Jasses! Thank you for your detailed feedback. You mentioned many useful insights and recommendations. I hope they will help other fellow partners who are about to start welcoming new guests.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Lucy has always shared with us her great experiences and helpful suggestions...

I follow her with most interest...she has been an excellent inspiration for me...



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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago


Please translate your comment in English.

Wish you well.

Roger 3 years ago

My property is still flagged as for key workers only. How can I remove this. we are open to all.

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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

We prepared by following UK Government advice, which was very late coming, but we already had most of the information. We then set up to take more direct bookings so that we don't rely so much on Booking.com - the Booking.com system is full of bugs and faults, Booking.com support is rubbish, Booking.com calendar sync still doesn't work, Booking.com policies are ridiculous.

So far, everything is very good, much better than before the lockdown!

fasdf asdf 3 years ago

We have most effective French traffic, handiest one global booking, in September, or any other time, you can check here scheduleWhen arriving, Body temperature, sanitizer hand, and we offer a mask and flowers, but we do not pressure to use.


jsaasljk 213 3 years ago

Been almost completely booked from the start of June, and now July is full booked. It isn't always the same anymore, sorry to say. More complicated, humans are a worry, how to arrive, even we strive to preserve calm.We have organized greater disinfections, contact anything, the bedding needs ninety ranges washing.