Hello.. my guest didnt respon my chat..

Hello, good afternoon,
I want to ask if my guest doesn't respond at all to my chat on the pulse app.
I asked about the guest phone number also not told. whereas I chat is also not replied. I have already detailed the way to check in the chat column. what should I do now?

I see the guest note also wants a smoking room, while in my room I can't smoke ..

Nico Khosasie 4 years ago

admin can see my chat with guests booking a room with a booking code:

*** and ***

I think the people are the same, just different names. because this guest address and phone number are the same

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Hi! Nico, very sorry to hear that your guest doesnt respond to your messages.

Since this is only a Partner Community, its better you resend your message request directly to booking.com through your Extranet inbox tab or just call your local booking.com office to call your guests for you.

Wish you luck.