Hello, my name is Oksana, i am owner Poshtel VDali (id ***).

Could you help me to connect channel`s manager Travelline?

When i try doing it, i see mistake cod 403 (access denied while trying to get rooms for hotel '***')

What do i need doing with it?

I am sorry for my Engloish

BrookAve 4 years ago

Hi Oksana


Offically you wont get support here for a 3rd party Channel manager, only the initial authorisation info for this side of the connection.


Having said that if any other partner is using it and sees this they may or may not choose to reply.

Note; I myself have never seen mention of this particular Channel Manager.


See Extranet > top right circle menu , first menu, channel manager for more details

I found travelline support contact info here ; 




Kind Regards