Help, I'm going to lose my "Preferred Partner Programm"

Dear colleagues,

although I have completed all points from the optimization center as far as possible, my success rate drops constantly. Between 5-15th of July my rate will be recalculated, so only 3 days left. Instead of 70% I am at 40% and it looks like I will lose my "preferred program". That's a catastrophe. Nobody is booking right now and July is not going well. 
Asking for help. What can I do?

Already using genius program per example. For the quality of service, the overall apartment build quality and anemities I already am too cheap compared to similar objects on the platform.
My rating is 9,9 out of ~30 ratings. With kind words only about the service etc.

The only thing I could do:

- a social media site for my apartment and starting to promote via facebook

- offering discount for off-season 
(the site is not working properly because I can choose the days for september and october only, but when I go to next step it would offer the discount beginning with end of july! but the earliest day I can mark is 1st september)

Looking forward to some advices.
Thanks in advance.

Best regards


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Michael


Yes I ended up in same boat.

Its a major flaw in how the programme is designed.


They likely will just say, do a custom promotion, and yes there are some clever ways to do this.


But there is no - 'one size fits all' solution.


  • Minimum of 2 nights
  • Two Rate plans - Non Refundable & Flexible, NR cheaper.
  • Prepaid via BdC VCC or Payments by BdC enabled.
  • Offer promotion only on longer periods 3,5,7 but not 2 or less.
  • Turn off mobile rates.
  • Beware and understand stakcing discounts.
  • Increase base rate




Kind Regards



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