Brooke - Community Manager

Helping you get recovery ready

Dear Community,

Many of you recently received a message from us outlining a few of things we are doing to help you attract as many guests as possible, as soon as possible.We thought it would be helpful to share these details again with you here: 

Displaying precautionary measures

A lot of properties are introducing new precautionary measures to protect your teams, your communities and your guests. This might include things like being open only to reservations from essential travellers or guests from certain countries (in line with local regulations), or the unavailability of facilities like pools, meals or transport. We have now introduced a way for you to display these measures on your property page, helping you set guest expectations while reducing the need for guests to contact you with questions. To find out more, please visit our Partner Hub

Capturing current demand with flexible rates

Given the current uncertainty, travellers are looking for flexibility. Where it makes sense, we’re promoting flexible rates to help make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. To ensure your property benefits, we recommend offering the maximum flexibility possible. To help you do this without the manual workload usually involved with switching policies, we’ve launched a new tool that enables you to change the flexibility of your policies in just a few clicks, significantly reducing the workload usually involved. To find out more about ensuring your property is best placed to attract bookings right now, please visit our Partner Hub


Travellers are still dreaming

While the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has stopped many travellers from booking, it hasn’t stopped them dreaming. Booking.com customers have created millions of wish lists since March, ‘liking’ properties they want to stay at when they can travel again. In order to encourage even more customers to wish list properties like yours, we’re launching a campaign to reward customers who download our app and ‘like’ three properties with a saving on their next stay, funded by Booking.com. We are also investigating how we can support partners like you to convert these ‘likes’ into bookings, when the time is right.

Stay informed

We will soon be in touch with more information about what we are doing to stimulate travel demand, and what you can do to ensure your property is best prepared to capture it. For the most up-to-date news and information, please continue to check our Partner Hub. 

- Brooke and the Community Team 

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Thanks, Brooke for posting helpful information...

Wish you well.

TITO JOSE 3 years ago

Really frustrating to see the Stone age model of Auto removal of guest reviews after 2 years. especially in these pandemic times where there is hardly any bookings and Guests don't find it mandatory to write a review after their stay unless we beg them. Please consider not removing our hard earned reviews which are frustrating to see disappearing in front of your eyes, in these pandemic times. I would request Booking.management to upgrade this old system according to current market conditions. either put a hold on this Auto removal of guest reviews until this pandemic is over or when things are back to normal. or please change this system, as its very hard to make a guest leave a feedback unlike earlier times.

I would appreciate if everyone can support me in this cause.


Tito (***)

Beach house at seascapes

Anne V King 3 years ago

I agree, why does it matter when a review is written, they are hard to come by, people have better things to do with their time-I never ask for a review. It is time that we feel we do not need a pat on the back, just for working on your business, people are fickle times are fickle, the date of a review makes no difference it is simply a review, they don't go out of style!! 

Best regards, Anne