Hi I`m Mari , just took my first booking and lost 5 nights just to rent 7 nights

I`m new so could do with some help please ?

if i have two weeks available and someone want one week in the center then it is impossible for me to rent the few days either side . 

This has the potential to half my annual turnover  

i sometimes have ten days to rent and i would have no problem getting someone to take ten days but the system will take the first guest that arrives for one week (which is the minimum stay ) if i could adjust the minimum stay to 10 nights this would help a lot but this is impossible ??

Please help 


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fluff 5 years ago

Yes it is.

Go into calendar, select the dates you want to adjust the minimum stay on, open each room rate that applies (they must be individually set) by clicking the down-arrow next to the rate.

Then you will have a drop down list of adjustments including minimum stay. If it is not in the list you'll have to ask BDC to add it.

You can adjust just a few specific dates singly or use "bulk edit" for larger ranges of dates.