How to avoid frequent cancellation ?

I want to ask suggestion how to avoid frequent cancellation without changing policy no visa cards needed upon bookings.?

monet208 5 years ago

I would advise getting a credit card machine and preauthorising the amount when you get a booking

At least you will know its a genuine booking

Change your cancellation policy to at least a week before arrival

Rsolines 5 years ago

Cancelations are by far one of the main problems at my B&B. While I do not accept any reservations without a CC as guarantee, pre authorization is still not available as a feature in my area. I have instead moved to pre payment of the first night, refundable up to 48 hrs before check in.

Bookings suffer when cancelation penalties are too inflexible, I am afraid one week would be too much in my market. I am currently trying to encourage fully pre paid reservations at a discounted, non refundable rate.

I also feel that establishing rapport with guests early by contacting them at the time of booking -to thank them for choosing us and offering valuable information- makes them less likely to keep shopping for accommodation and eventually canceling us.


monet208 5 years ago

One month ago we received 2 different bookings from related family members

One lives 5 minutes away the other 20mniutes.Credit cards were invalid and we eventually got valid ones which we pre auhorised

Both bookings were for 10-14 days so booking.com closed the 2 rooms off

We suspect these are not genuine bookings but cannot prove it

They both ignore calls and follow up emails and texts

Booking.com not interested

One has now cancelled

We have now told the other we are taking a 50% non refundable deposit 10 days before arrival and will do this today

Will keep this updated