how to boost property my property

hi , can anyone please tell me how to boost my property listing .

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

This is pretty hard to judge your situation from a distance and don't have info on how you present your listing,

Location is an important factor.

Demand is another one. Is it for holiday or business? Some prefer only hut in a paddock and no electricity, some prefer 5 stars in middle of city. Who are you serving? All depends.

Quality .. Is your unit soundproof / quiet area /


Photo's ....good quality photo's in light, not with flash

Great reviews you get from satisfied guests. Not from your friends (to be honest) but one could help to set you off ;)

The right price. Too low may draw in the wrong people, too high may give the wrong expectation. It's a fine line. All depending on where you have your unit and how it is presented.

Have a look online and see how other people present theirs and compare price, location etc.

Don't compare country to country as we all have different standards, but one thing that counts for everyone is cleanliness. You can't be clean enough. This deserves a 5 star approach.

Describing your unit clearly and honestly is most important. if it is near the airport it won't be quiet, great for people who need quick shower and only few hours sleep.

Near the highway or city noise : tell people

Near a park or quiet setting: let people know.

If you have more detailed questions about this, let us know.

Hope this helps so far.

Have a great week


Aaltje B.