How can a review be removed?

Hi, we are a family business and we rent apartments in Crete and we have been working with booking for a long time and have always had really good scores from our guests. Mainly, because it is a family business and we are very attentive of our guest´s needs. Our hospitality is praised in all our reviews, we offer homemade wine, raki and a bottle of water to our guests as a gift, we organize barbeques for our longterm guests and in general, we are very open and generous towards our guests. We had recently this guest that booked one of our apartments little before season closure for a few days for himself. This guest had obviously some psychological issues, as from the beginning he was acting weirdly, refusing to give his passport for the check in to register, shouting alone, eventually he did not leave the apartment before 5 p.m. (6 hours later) until the cleaning lady showed up and he just ran and threw the keys into the gardens. He left a review of 2.5 and accused my father of harassment, since he was forcing him to drink and even alleged that my father, a man 70 years old, harassed his girlfriend at a nearby beach. Meanwhile, the guest was alone from the beginning. We have written twice to the moderation department and we keep receiving this computer-gendered answers, always the same content. What is your experience with that?

To our view, this is clearly defamation and we can not accept leaving such a review online from an obviously distorted guest.

Should we write directly to their legal department?

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fluff 5 years ago

Jeez, that's a bad one.

There are extremely few circumstances under which BDC will remove a review, defamation IS NOT one of them. I know racism is one but can't remember the others.

You could try: breaking house rules (passport thing, not checking out on time) and disrespectful of property (keys).

However, no matter what, the star rating WILL remain. You will need to weigh up which is best for you. A low star rating with no written review, or the full written review along with your carefully considered response.

SIDE NOTE to BDC: In my country defamation and its publication are against the law, I wonder how a court case on a refusal to remove same would go if cited here, this would include the star rating.

Info 5 years ago

The same applies to greek law but it is crazy that the company on its own does not protect its cooperates.