How to cope with poor performing properties?

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pibomarco 5 years ago

- genious program
- promotions (opportunities)
- having competitive rates
- paying higher commission to BDC

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

https://partnerhelp.booking.coHello! Villathotiya and welcome to the forum. In addition to pibomarco suggestions you can further Promote your property through social media fb, Instagram etc.
Don’t worry in the beginning it goes slow...
Wish you luck...

Info 5 years ago

If you have a guest book then invite people to leave feedback, (put a welcome note in the front of the book), if the comments are good then post this as one of your property pics. This helps people to see that the comments are recent and positive. If you are not getting any positive feedback then invite feedback of any kind, like a comments book so that guests can let you know how they would like you to improve your property - you may be doing something wrong, if you message them, thank them and tell them that you are doing something about their concerns it might even generate a good review. Ultimately though, it is your photographs that sell the property, if the one that represents your property is not good enough then people will just scroll straight past it.

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fluff 5 years ago

In addition...

Does your establishment have a feature or service that is unique in your area?

Check your competition for rates and service levels, check their reviews, have they faltered/missed something?

Does your property appeal to any special niche market?

Concentrate on these factors, along with those already mentioned above, to get your property "on the map".