How do I change minimum night stay


just setting up and can’t work out how to state minimum of 8 night stay?

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi mariae Balaam

  • Calendar List View
  • Extended Fields
  • Min Length of Stay by day of week/date.



Note a Rate Plan has a limit of 7 nights.

Feature Request : Rate Plan - Increase 7 Night max settings to 31


But you can set it longer in Calendar List View


Note 2:  Why 8 nights that is a very unusual number of nights? It nearly sounds like your going about it the wrong way into order to have No Arrivals  on Day X of the week.


Instead for No arrivals/No Departures get all the extended fields enabled, and then leverage them to limit check in to checkout, see example here:


HowTo : Restricting Check-in Day of the week and Checkout Day



Kind Regards


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