How to get more guests to book for more than one night?

Hi! I have been on booking.com since January 2019 and I am wondering how to get guests to book more than one night in my two apartments. Are the only two options to close the possibility to book one night or to promote 3 for 2 nights? Have any of you had success with working on your text in the listing for this purpose? Right now I am doing too much cleaning and know that I cannot continue like this. I have a lot of bookings, so I am also happy about that and feel that I should not complain too much, but it is far too much work. Due to high taxes on short term rent in Norway, getting cleaning help is not an option. Any sharing or suggestions will be highly appreciated! Kind regards, Merete

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MNEgro 4 years ago

You simply set the min stay to 3 nights and you're done.. :)

I guess there is nothing else to do.

Your destination is probably like that, nothing to do for more that one day? What do tourist do in your region?

Merete Espelid 4 years ago

Thank you for your reply!

I was hoping to avoid that because I am afraid to not get enough bookings since I depend on the income due to investments, but also have a full time job next to this business. And, I just started this February so I have too little experience. However, I have been thinking of setting the min stay to 2 nights next year...

On the contrary, the two apartments in my barn conversion are perfect for longer stays. I am located in Voss, Norway and there are a wide range of outdoor activities, both summer and winter, for guests right at our doorstep and multiple shorter og longer day trips possible to the mountains, the fjords and the city of Bergen etc. I do point this out in my profile, but booking.com´s generated introduction does not convey this.   

consuelo ruiz 4 years ago

Hi Merete

To improve my occupation, I give a 10% discount for 2 nights. Make the attempt.

Regards from Colombia