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How to get more reservations in seasonal destination when it is off season

I have an apartment in Dubrovnik, Croatia and the city itself is seasonal (the season lasts from May to October) and this winter I am thinking to leave it open during wintertime, any ideas how to attract guests to book my place over other places. I have compared and the prices are in line with other open properties but it seems there is no enough guests for all of us :)

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Akbar Abbas 6 years ago

You can review what your nearby competition hotels are doing and accordingly you can price your room tariff and inclusions.

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Greta Smagghe 6 years ago

Creating 'specials' can help - f.i. stay 3 nights and pay only 2 - and this puts you also higher in the search list on for your town.

Priscilla Gallo 6 years ago

I placed my room on 20% discount over winter and I was surprised to receive so may bookings. I planned on increasing the discount rate starting at 20% but the bookings remained steady.