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How to improve facilities and comfort reviews?

I have a little B&B and i do get quite a lot of 10 ratings when it comes to location, staff, cleanliness and value for money. The reason for getting 10 ratings is surley that I am very friendly with my guests and I do go the extra mile for them even sometimes with difficult guests.

The only way to improve my facilites and comfortness without any doubt asking the guests. 

I would like to introduce a feedback card but I am stuck with the questions to ask the guests! Would anyone help me what questions to ask in order to improve my facilities and comfortness?


Thank you in advance



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Thuild - Your … 5 years ago

Dear Lee,

The best is to go with free range answer questions, like: What would you like to have in your room during your next stay?

Besides that, you can have a checklist of facilities copied from BDC facilities and see what guests really want the most.

Improvise on that. You cannot go a certain way of finding it out, it's mainly based on gathering a lot of data and then filtering it out.

Usually my facilities are highly rated, sometimes I get the comment on not having tea/coffe making facility in the rooms, however they have access to a full kitchen, I don't see the point of putting that in the room.

Maybe you already have plenty facilities, however people don't find them. Try to analyze of guests identify all there is in a room. Maybe the problem is there.

Best regards,

Zsolt -

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Lee 5 years ago

Thank you for the useful information

Asad C 5 years ago

I think it's important to also realise that unless you're a 5 star property, guests cannot realistically expect all the perks in a posh hotel and only have to pay a 2 star or 3 star price for the privilege.

Of course, we as hoteliers are constantly looking at ways to improve the guest experience, but there also needs to be a balance in the price of the room/accommodation too.

Having said that, I always try to find time to talk to guests and find out about how they are enjoying their stay in the city, but I always sneak in questions about their experience of staying in my property and ways for me to improve the offering. You will often find that the guest will make polite recommendations on how things that can be perhaps enhanced in the knowledge that they want to help you improve your business too. You'd be surprised at some of the simple things that may have not been explored which the guests have pointed out.

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Angela @Promhills 5 years ago

Think about what makes you comfortable when you travel. For me its cleanliness, a comfy bed, a room at an appropriate temperature (not freezing cold, not boiling hot), sound proofing so I cant hear outside noise or neighbours, and everything working as it should (the tv, kettle, hairdryer etc all should work). Pretend you're a guest in your room (even stay in one) and see what could be improved to improve your comfort.

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Adagio Accommo… 5 years ago

Yes Angela, I agree with you. although its only a start. Prompt reaction and fixing a problem is a key. It's important to let ourselves dream a bit about how we would like to be indulged and apply that to our guest.

I like to by some nice dishes (in sets), vine glasses,lovely standing lamp in the livingroom etc. That can help to create pleasant atmosphere in the evening, some candelstick etc. Honestly this usualy does not pass unnoticed by the guests and reflects in the reviw comments.

I think that should encuradge guests who are leaving the review to add a comment as well, because explanation and arguments, expecialy for bad marks, is crutial for the Host. Thus we can understand what was actually wrong and put some effort in correcting it.

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi guys!

Wow, so many great ideas. Thank you all for that!

Angela, that's a super unique way of going about it and I love everything you said. I've stayed in one of our chalets before and I must say it makes a huge difference then being able to tell the guests also what to expect.

Lee, you technically asked for a list of questions to ask. Asad says one needs to find time to talk to the guests but on a resort how 100+ chalets you will need to randomly choose a few. We give the cleaners a checklist with a suggestion box to give the guests when they service the chalets. That way the guests can tell you instead of you asking 99999 questions.

Keep well everyone and have a good weekend!

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Lee 5 years ago

I have now implemented comment cards so guest fills it before check out. It has been pretty positive as I now found out that the pillows were not so cumfy so I just both a new sets of pillows one hard and one soft.