How to satisfy a customer ?

Here I want to know how you treat your customer and how to improve our position in this field. I need suggestions.

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fluff 4 years ago

Do you have problems in this regard? Poor reviews, face to face complaints?
Very little information given, expand on your question to elicit useful answers.

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Sara Jarvis 4 years ago

Hi, I have found the most happy customers are the ones that get even a small personal service....for example, yesterday I came home to find my guest who had a long trip, heavy long day at his office, literally as he carry’s huge architectural drawings and didn’t come home till 10....upon returning myself I found him alone in the kitchen reading and making tea ....so I joined him in the tea ceremony.....and asked him what his interests were>.........we sat chatting till 1 am the time flew by....didn’t mention work...just our different interests>........and he has already booked again happy guest .....I sensed he did not want to read alone nor discuss work.

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Sara Jarvis 4 years ago

Another guest worked nights so I made his ‘breakfast’ sandwich at 7 45 before he left...to eat at work....he came back for many months

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Judy 4 years ago

Hi, it is very hard to equate treating your guest to your positioning or ranking in booking.com page. The positioning has a mind of its own and I find if you contact your marketing manager and make valid complains, your positioning can improve.

We treat all our guests as best as we can. But some are thoroughly obnoxious and no matter what you do, they will find ways to make complains.

The best is to just treat your guests the way you want to be treated when you stay in another hotel. Do what you think is best and from your heart.

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CPRentals 4 years ago

Try to interact a little, anything is a plus, even if its just a hello. We have a few regular business guests now and we try to make their monday to fridays a little more, we download any local music, theatre, cinema and comedy guides for the week they are staying (lemonrock is a good website for the uk), any local events on facebook, print them off, local menus where its not going to cost the earth and they can interact. We get all sorts of local leaflets through our door rather than throwing them away we use them. In a very short conversation you can usually find out why they are staying and try and find something that might be of interest for them that you haven't already left in the room.

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Greeting guests with a big smile and positive thinking at the very moment they arrive makes things to roll on. I let them know that I am available 24 hours a day and always willing to meet their needs. Never say no there is always a solution to any problem might arise. Being kind and understanding to guests returns to you even though sometimes they might be rude.My mom always said be good and kind and your problems will be solved the best way, and thats what I am doing.

Carpenterscabins 4 years ago

The general advice is to treat your guests as you would want to be treated.Try to find a way to exceed their expectations...that doesn't have to be anything expensive but do some little thing that they don't expect -- that makes you stand out from the crowd and will help earn repeat customers.

Stephenandrichard 4 years ago

A warm welcome, a big smile upon them entering your premises works wonders, and i always have a basket of local produce ready for them...oh and a bottle of wine!. You can get a sense usually straight away from guests if they are "chatters" or just want to get in, get on with their holiday and have little interaction, so its always important to get that first few minutes in your meeting right.

Happy hosting.