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How to set minimum stays and advance reservation restrictions

Hello Partners,

Many of you have recently asked how to set up a minimum length of stay for your guests. If you’d like to have more control over your bookings, setting up length of stay and advance reservation restrictions can help. 

With these restrictions in place, travellers won’t be able to book a stay that’s shorter or longer than you’ve indicated. You can also set how far in advance a guest can book their stay with you.

Learn more about setting up or removing restrictions in this Partner Help article.

We’re looking forward to receiving your questions and comments on this topic below!

Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

A few points .....

There are other restrictions like setting No Arrivals and No Departures. Restrictions are not set up by default (other booking channels have everything set up by default). Contact via your Extranet to ask for Restrictions to be set up on your account.

Many restrictions can only be set up in List View. Changing restrictions in List View can corrupt other settings like price when you switch back to Monthly View.


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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

You are right Isle…


When I make changes I double check them…

Restrictions can be tricky!!!

Glywn Rowlands 1 year ago

I have just received notification of a booking that is not in accordance with my set restrictions for that period ( a 4 night booking when the restriction is a minimum of 6 nights).  How do I cancel this booking or get help changing it?

Eduardo Nicolas Rech 1 year ago

Ok, I have a question. How can I be sure the same accommodation I set minimum of 2 or more days of reservation will be close for the following days after?  

Ex: On 31-dezember I set 2 days minimum staying, this day my client will know that he can't book the accommodation for one day only (ok, that's very clear), but will this accommodation be close if my client search to stay at 01 january? 

Let's suppose it's available and the client book on 01 january, will I loose the availability on 31-dezember too? Thinking this way then should I close the accommodation on 01 january before this happen? 

Hope I make my point understandable and hear some answers. Thanks!

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Hi Eduardo,

You can make your personal search as a guest and check your availability anytime…


Hope that’s understandable…

Daniel van Koppen 7 months ago


i have no restricties for arrival and departure, i want this for the sunday. how can i do that?

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Didem - Commun… 7 months ago


Hi @Daniel van Koppen ,


Good question, thank you for asking!


Following the below steps can help with this. Would you like to try and let me know if it's working?


Managing restrictions using the list view calendar

If you’re using the list view calendar, here’s how to apply and edit restrictions to your rooms and rates:

  1. Log in to the extranet 

  2. Click on Calendar under Rates & Availability 

  3. Click on Restrictions and select the conditions you want to set 

  4. Drag the blue highlighted section across boxes to set, edit or remove restrictions for multiple dates

  5. You can also click on Bulk edit to change restrictions for multiple dates

  6. Click Save when you’re done


Managing restrictions using the monthly view calendar

You can restrict the minimum length of stay and minimum advance reservation if you’re using the monthly view calendar. Here’s how to apply or change conditions to your rooms or units:

  1. Log in to the extranet 

  2. Click on Calendar under Rates & Availability 

  3. Click on the date you want to change

  4. Choose how many nights you would like your minimum stay length to be – only up to seven nights using this calendar view

  5. Set your minimum advance reservation time – between four hours and seven days – per date in the calendar

  6. Remove minimum stay restrictions by selecting 1 night in the same menu

  7. Click Save

Anastasia Laur… 7 days ago

There's no option to set your minimum advance reservation time under the drop down menu, there's only "minimum length of stay".


Please help.


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M Adamopoulou 7 days ago

Sometimes this function is missing from listings.

If you cannot find it you can message through your Extranet inbox and request to add it to your calendar.