how to show that my hotel is close to a bigger town

Hi all,

I am new in the booking community, and I do not know how to show that my hotel is close to the town Chantilly or close to facilities like attraction parc (Asterix parc is at 5km).

I tried to add information in the section what is nearby but I can only put restaurant or bar or lac but no airport, no castel or attraction parc.


thank you in advance for the help (sorry for my English I am french).


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consuelo ruiz 4 years ago

Hi Hicham. 

On your page, you can create sites around. Enter to the establishment, what is nearby? Places of interest, "ski lift" or (remontées). Then, you put Castle xxxx, airport xxx, park xxx.

On my page, I put near a theater, a club and an events house

Greetings from Colombia