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I would like to stop offering discounts to Genius bookers, I have contacted book8ng .com via the ‘Inbox’ tab in the extranet and you have update my page but then a week later I received another booking with the same discount....."........please update my page and stop yes STOP genius 

as I already give massive discount on a day to day basis  which I control. 

I never want to use genius. 

Remember that once you opt out, you won’t be able to join the programme again for another six months.

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Joanne 6 years ago

Thanks for reaching out :-) The Partner Forum has been created as a platform for Booking.com Partners to help with one another. Seems like something went wrong in stopping your genius discounts, so you might want to get help with through your extranet inbox instead of a fellow partner. Best of luck!

Home from Home 2 years ago

Hi Joanne, I tried that but could not seem to find?

I will look again, thanks!