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Kato dool the Jewel of Nile (The Legend )

In the very south of Aswan, right along the border with Sudan, lies a land of secrets; a land that bears the charm of the past with a slightly modern touch. A land whose people are a constant reminder of the legend of the past, stories of our ancestors, their traditions, their modest lives and their welcoming hearts. A land that will enchant you and intrigue you at the same time. This is El Nuba (Nubia).

When you travel to El Nuba (as we call it in Arabic), it is highly recommended that you visit most of the islands, as each of them will have a different story to tell.

The houses of the locals are always open to welcome visitors, and they are huge fans of crocodiles. They raise them and train them to be human-friendly! You will not find a crocodile wandering the streets in Nubia, but you will surely find at least one in a nearby house. When the crocodile dies, the skin is kept and hung on the wall over the door of the house. This is believed to protect the house from the evil eye, “The crocodile skin will catch people eyes and so, it will keep them away from the house, it is a Pharaonic tradition,” one local explains.
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Hotel Gulshan 4 years ago

nice inshaallah one day i will be visit your place