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"Know Your Partner" aggressive email

Good morning,


Today i received an e-mail where i was told to complete a form (KYP) as soon as possible because the first deadline had already passed and that if i will not complete it, my account will be suspended.

I would like to specifying that:

- I never had any information about this form in any email or message on booking. .

- In no way, neither by email, nor by phone nor by booking messages, i was informed about a deadline for this form

- Despite this email received today this form has never been delivered to me.

I would like to ask if it's a scam email or if it's really an official communication by booking.

Considering also the style and tone used in this email.


I thank you for your attention and wish you a good day.

Best regards






Jennyharris 4 years ago

How does this form affect my relationship with booking.com as a partner?

I received something about a form to fill in with a deadline. It only contained a lot of numbers

which of course cannot be used. I also cannot start a conversation because I am 'not authorized'

4 years ago
Ilaria - Commu…
4 years ago

Hi everyone,

you can find here the latest update on the KYP form.

Thanks for letting us know and have a nice day,


4 years ago