"Left to Sell" count incorrect

I only have one property that I am renting out as a whole home rental. Why would some of my days on the calendar show "2 left to sell" on my open days?

I did sync my calendar with VBRO and AirBNB.

BrookAve 4 years ago

Hi Diane Abbott


Open the BdC dashboard calendar view , goto those dates and confirm the availability is 1 or 0, fix it there as needed.


Are you using a Channel Manager software service to sync the calendars?


If not get one asap, as you cannot sync these 3 OTAs without one.


Attempting to use the manual Calendar export and sync option in each OTA calender is just asking for trouble as it cannot be relied upon and requires you to do a manual sync every time one of the 3 gets a booking. 


Save yourself the pain, stress and tears and just look up a channel manager that works for those 3 OTAs, there are loads of them, most are paiy for as far as I know.


I think cloudbeds is a name of one.



Kind Regards, happy new year