Link to wrong property link in search engines

 If I check to search results in the comparaison of my property to the others, my property is linked to a wrong business: "Hotel Botanique" instead of "Villa Botanique Guesthouse". 

This other property has disastrous reputation.


What should I do? 



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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hey there,

Thanks for asking.

Can you maybe specify where you are doing the search? Is it on Google.. on Booking.com... Google maps?

Normally if something is linked incorrectly you need to contact the people running said web and let them fix it.

Hope to hear from you again!

Iain MacLaren 3 years ago

Hi. I currently have the same problem. 
you search our property on google. It comes up with the correct pictures and address but the booking.com reviews and property is the wrong one linked?

how did you fix this? Google ads are having nothing to do with it.