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Must reads: June 2020 

Dear Community,

  1. To help you attract these guests, our teams have created your Recovery Toolkit.
  2. We launched the hashtag #rebuilding to make it easier for you to share and find tips and advice from fellow partners to help you through this time. 
  3. Research has found that “cleanliness and hygiene” related questions have increased by over 60% since the start of the pandemic. Read this Tip Tuesday to understand the measures you can take to ensure your property is safe.
  4. Partners like you are starting to welcome guests back to their properties. Read about their experiences here

What was the number one tip you saw in the month of June? Tell fellow partners in the comments below. 

Sergei and the Community Team


BrookAve 3 years ago


What was the number one tip you saw in the month of June?


Adapt and modify your extranet settings to cater for the audience you want without unrealistic expectations.


This does not mean 50% reductions, just some ,

and tweak options like no longer offering catering, and instead self catering. Or maybe pre ordered meals.


Also updating text on photos to say essential workers only to Fine Print and Autom Message Templates.


Kind Regards