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It is bad enough that an anonymous review can not be replied to, but now Booking.com have added an extra review score, although you may get a 10 out of 10 for everything the final review can end up being a 6.  This scoring is not done on an average, your final score now is based on the overall final score.

I find this totally unfair, why have the other 6 reviews, why not just have an overall score out of 10.

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fluff 4 years ago

Some were happy with the old averaging of 4 faces, weirdly worth 2.5 each. Many thought this was unfair as a minimum of a 2.5 drop happened when a guest thought a place was less than amazing in their view.

Many asked for a straight 1 -10 score system across the board. BDC decided to hang on to the 4 faces and add a solo-scoring 1- 10 as well. So now it may be that everyone is unhappy!

Coffee time!

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B&B USA 4 years ago

Yes, booking is doing a nice job at copying all of airbnbs' worst mistakes.  This is why I am focusing more time on getting guests direct.  It is a drag when they make it hard. It is hard enough to inch up in the number like I am at 8.6 and I have a total review score of 9.4 for the last 90 days, but has my 8.6 moved up NOOOOOOOOOOO it has not.

Why does booking think airbnb is a good role model. I left there.

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Lu_Madrid 4 years ago


I haven't been active in the forum, so I am sorry for replying to this message 4 months later! haha

I think things can definitely be improved both on Booking.com and Airbnb. 

I also agree that non of the scoring systems are fair.

- Old: Having 6 different areas to rate and then having an overall score out of that... There are some aspects that also not covered and it definitely influences on the overall score.

- New: So far, worse! They might wanna copy Airbnb's scoring system. However, there's an slight difference between Booking's new scoring system and Airbnb's... As far as I know, Booking.com does not double-check with the guest if there's a big disparity between the total average among the given scores in each section and the total score that the guest gives. You could have a 10 in all sections and then have a total score of a 6. 

I think that both rating systems need to be improved but the new system definitely needs to be rethought.