New procedures for Force majeure

Here is one of the changes Booking.com has made to the application of force majeure
For bookings made from 6 April 2020 onwards 

(Force majeure procedures put in place as a result of government-imposed travel restrictions due to the coronavirus do not apply).

BOOKING.com does not endorse guests in any way.
Do you really think that as long as the health crisis exists, we will make reservations?

I think BOOKING.com really takes us for ***.

My establishments are present on other platforms and believe me, financial compensation is put in place for existing bookings.
Other partners have understood that without the Hosts, more partners, more travelers 


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jaybeegee 3 years ago

sorry where are these changes? is it in the partner contract?

Riad SHIRAZ 3 years ago

Booking sent us a mail the 3 of April

Lala Panzi 3 years ago

The way booking is working:

"Updates from Booking.com, and advice on using products and services from booking to boost your performance or improve operations.  "

The only thing they are boosting or improving is their own profit to the detriment of their SMEs.