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No link on Google Maps

We gave been getting calls for  Oshawa and Hotels but  no  link is provided.  The guests contact us direct and we need to send the links directly to them.  In fact the Google map has our  address as well so we are getting very short term requests.  

I have reported this and they said it was going to be reported to the tech team but  nothing has changed 


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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Hi Glenn

Via the section Property in extranet you can continue to make a template.

This is what I have done, since our farm is hard to find and not a lot of wifi around where we live, plus GPS not always working as well.

I find this a good in between solution.

Making a template and describe how to get there. I added the scanned map to the description

Is this of any help, or you mean something else?


Aaltje B.